Field of activity

According to § 129 Trade, Commerce and Industry Regulation Act (GewO) private investigators are authorized for the following services:

1. to provide information about private circumstances
2. investigations about criminal acts
3. provision of evidence for legal and administrative authority proceedings
4. investigation of missing or covertly kept people, originators, writers or senders of anonymous letters, creators or publishers of libels, suspicions or offenses
5. observation and control of loyalty of employees
6. observation of customers in shops
7. personal security
8. detection of instruments for unauthorized phototelegraphy and sound program signal transmission, of electronically saved data and their protection measures (defence of bugging operations)

According to § 130, Abs 5 Trade, Commerce and Industry Regulation Act private investigators are subject to the obligation of secrecy.

Economic crimes

Particularly the unauthorized acquisition and usage of operating properties have top priority when interviewing reliable business consultants. at the beginning of our investigations, the real fall of the company through the dissemination of business secrets (company spying) was prospected. according to reliable statistics, criminal actions rise to 5-8%, being the cause of insolvency/bankruptcy. Therefore, we specialize in the clarification of criminal acts in the economic sector.


Even the retail industry is exposed to embezzlement, burglary and theft due to intensive goods movements and easy access to items of trade by external and internal personnel.

Via balanced deployment of prevention tools, the assignment of security personnel and technique, an amelioration of inventory results and mainly the maintenance of a constant value is feasible.

External burglary

Since the foundation of the company, the Austrian complaint statistics of the Federal Ministry for Internal Affairs have been followed. The continuing increase of indicated stealing and burglaries by customers in department stores and the decline of the clarification rate nearly reflect the general development of delinquency.

The experience shows that besides the quantitative increase of criminal acts, the quality of professionally planned commercial crimes is also rising. Delinquents from the east, being professional criminals, are acting increasingly aggressive and professional when committing property offences, especially burglary and robbery.

Internal burglary

To suspect your own employees of criminal and company damaging acts, is always a special burden for all concerned, superiors as well as colleagues. The innocent as well as the delinquent contribute to the perturbation of group dynamics. according to this, the approach in occasion of an internal burglary has to be carefully planned and implemented. An uncompromising clarification of suspicion is indispensable, even when excluding and thus protecting innocents.


In case of an assignment, strategy specification and tactical planning with support from a security professional are essential. The clarification of economic crimes requires intensive knowledge of businessadministration and criminology as well as criminological subtlety.
Our high clarification rate also lies within the hands of our clients who are immediately urged to keep consequently to secrecy and implementation, also if short term cut backs regarding the achievement of business objective have to be set.

The assignment of a covered or official detective demands flexibility from the client and the security service provider respectively. Rigid guidelines have to be adapted and scrutinized.

Permanent further education of our employees is up to our standards. Clients are advised to convince themselves of the educational level of assigned detectives and should insist, especially for department store observation, on a business liability insurance of the detective company.

A useful completion to an assignment of observation personnel are safety- and video control devices for goods. both security components have to be carefully planned, adapted to special changes of the showroom, and also maintained. The experience shows that incorrectly positioned and badly maintained safety equipment produces the contrary effect.

We hire and let video equipment and also involve you with the planning. Visible cameras for prevention and hidden cameras are applied.

Crime prevention
Making heads or tails of damage is one alternative, mostly however the dearer. A loss of image is not easy to rate, but can result in extensive and long term consequences.

It should be the target to sensitize employees and draw the attention to their own responsibility. for even the unauthorized use of a stamp for private mail demonstrates a criminal act. Liberality and trifle inconsequence, provide the basis for future criminal acts.

It is necessary to offer training opportunities for employees to make safety interesting. Only then success is possible.
Our two-to-four-hour security training “Tatort Verkaufsraum” for sales staff, cashiers, department and sales managers defines the legal situation, shows weak points, analyses the delinquents’ behaviour on the basis of video recordings and instructs changes in daily routine behaviour. After a period of eight months maximum we will analyse and work up the personal realization of the information presented in the training in a short feed back event.

According to statistics, companies concerned with white collar crime indicate that approximately 50% of criminal actions are encouraged and facilitated by insufficient internal control and management systems. The missing or inconsequent implementation of control tools could be assessed as having a joint responsibility and thus result in a reduced compensation of damage in case of recourse.

The outsourcing of security precaution offers several advantages. We can support you with the implementation of

· security analyses
· risk analyses
· planning of professions trainings
· development of strategies to avoid losses/deficits
· analysis of stocktaking- and company reports
· set up of an audit department
· till controls
· locker controls
· bag controls

Preservation of evidence
According to § 129 (1) Trade, Commerce and Industry Regulation Act (GewO), private investigators are authorized to take measures for evidence preservation for legal proceedings and those of administrative authorities, the investigation of covertly kept people, etc. The court of justice decides according to free conviction if a fact can be accepted as evident.
Thus the principle of recognition of free evidence is valid.

Target driven security consulting prevents additional costs caused by damaging incidents. actually a loss of image can never be compensated by material assets. The shorter the time period between action and detection as well as detection and clarification, the minor the damage.
Useful prevention seldom offers opportunities for damaging incidents.

Coaching for security staff and victims of crime.

If a damaging action has happened, the time factor plays a very important role for the clarification and damage limitation. After a damaging action only professionals can help.

Professionally inexperienced persons delay the clarification and cause a much bigger damage.

Besides the securing of material assets, psychic stress of security staff and victims has to be relieved.

The use of safety technological equipment supports but never replaces the criminological subtlety during the prevention and/or clarification of crimes. Every technical tool has to be planned and handled carefully.

As of EUR 59,- exclusive of 20% VAT and expenses (depending on the contract volume, hazard grade and topic, …)
According to the supreme court ruling, expenses occurring for evidence supply can be demanded and asserted by civil law by the client, if they do not exceed the justified extent. precaution costs cannot at all be sued for prosecution as there is lack of causality.

Requirements – In case of another native language: excellent command of german language
own authority
clean character reference
no entry in the penal record
enjoyment of personal responsibility
general qualification for university entry
mentally balanced
minimum size 165 cm
sportive figure
stress resistant
able to work in teams
completion of the age of 18
reliability; will be officially controlled according to the Trade, Commerce and Industry Regulation Act (GewO)

Newcomers – Pass a one month voluntary service

Salary- Customary in the trade; variable according to skills and experience
Travel and residence expenses occurring due to the application procedure will not be refunded. according to the equality principle the requirements for applicants of both genders are the same.

Applications are only accepted if the marked questions are completely described.

These values have top priority for us. under these aspects our cases are executed successfully.

Based on our long term experience

· empathy
· flexibility
· consequence and
· stamina

Have proved reliable partners for all kinds of security services. We focus our experience innovatively on the requirements of the starting position at hand. An optimization of the current state is almost a logical consequence.

These principles make us efficient and successful. the visible benefits for our clients verify this.

1996 company foundation: investigation agency & credit inquiry agency
2000 trading with security equipment
2002 foundation of the association “Gesellschaft für psychologische Verbrechensopferhilfe und Angstprävention” – Chairman of the association

2003 formation of an apprenticeship for private investigator assistants being active in department stores

Since 2005 authorized expert according to § 4, 4a SDG

Ongoing lecturer activities, e.g. Wifi Wien, bfi Wien, Bundesministerium für Inneres/Sicherheitsakademie, Wirtschaftskammer Wien, Volkshochschule Wien, …
2006 implementation of the apprenticeship for private investigator assistants being active in department stores and an advanced training course for active private investigator assistants in cooperation with ÖDV

Best of
Due to understandable reasons, we can present here only a few outlined prosperities.
We owe gratitude to all those clients who placed their confidence in us, partly without recommendation or personal precognition or our high rate of success.

· defence of bugging operations (e.g. jewellery wholesaling, car spare research company, furniture industry, property management, paper sanitation wholesale)
· supply of evidence action for an injunction due to public danger (individual-private person)
· preservation of evidence in suits of the laws governing tenancy (several property managements)
· organization of internal auditing activities (e.g. austrian and spanish clothing group)
· coordination of safety relevant operation processes (e.g. petroleum group, jewellery wholesaling and retailing)
· training of personnel (e.g. international chemist chain, austrian furniture trading company, german clothing group)
· personal security (several high potentials and other short-term endangered individuals)
· forecasts in case of recurrent fraud and burglary (e.g. italian textile company, international textile company, international petroleum group)
· robbery prevention measures (e.g. international chemist group)
· analysis of weaknesses (wine cellar cooperative, international beverage group)

All further and smaller cases cannot be mentioned here individually, yet should by no means lose their importance, especially for the people concerned.

Victims of criminal offences
Besides mental and physical boundary situations, victims of criminal offences are not seldom confronted with the problem of supplying evidence before the court; last but not least also to be able to investigate the delinquent and to assert claims against him.

In this regard, Peter L.Hroch is in advisory and operative capacity at your disposal as well as for preventive safety measures with a team of specialists for any type of evidence supply for civil actions and criminal proceedings.

Robbery, abuse, personal injuries and other disasters often leave not only physical scars at victims and secondary parties. The violence sensed by the sufferer causes nearly always internal injuries whose consequences sometimes remain active for years. Trauma is an experience beyond the norm, where the psychical and physical integrity of an individual or a group of people is threatened and is accompanied by feelings of helplessness, fear and unprotectedness.

Symptoms like

troubles with sleeping all night
lack of concentration
avoidance behaviour
affective changes
feeling like standing off the mark
flash backs

which last longer than one month, suggest a posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that influences the habitual life and can be originator of aftereffect diseases, but can also enhance a chronic posttraumatic stress disorder which then aggravates the daily life permanently.

By means of psychological debriefing an alleviation of the work up of the experienced can be induced.

This non-therapeutical conversation which facilitates the work up of traumatic experiences and should take place in two sessions, assists with organising the experience and the associated thoughts and feelings.

Solutions for dealing with the abnormal stress are developed jointly.

The debriefing can be executed 72 hours after the disaster at the earliest and should conclude in the closing second session with a review of the reuptake of the normal life.